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Project: Et Voilà


Elegance, dance and attention to detail. These are the main features of the Et Voilá! project, which the colour cobalt blue represents with the greatest definition. Close your eyes, now open them. The music sounds while you watch the coast (blue maybe?), feel the rhythm and...Et Voilà! You are in...

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The pleasure of having the sensation of finding yourself in an indeterminate moment, visualizing a place or reliving an instant. The Abstraction project conceives as a 'leit motiv' the concept of creating an almost tangible experience. Violet reflects the sound textures, surrounding atmospheres and landscapes loaded with glitch sounds. The recreation of a space in a dreamlike context. Abstraction is assured abstraction

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Playing a scene. Not just any scene. A specific scene. One that's yours. Chosen or dreamt. Observe the yellow reflection of the light that filters through a lens that records that scene. All spiced up with cinematic music. I'll do the music, you choose the scenario.