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‘Leit Motiv’


Art and aesthetics. This is the 'Leit Motiv' of the musical project of Carlos Vallecillos (Barcelona, 1978) a.k.a. Et Voilà! that impels him to show his passion for electronic music by impregnating his own label of identity to his work. Drinking from sources ranging from ambient to downtempo, through idm or a slightly harder approach to techno, he began his journey in 2014, learning both programming and composition.

With two self-published works so far, ("Autodynamic" 2017) and ("Incendios que yo te conté" 2019) both in ep format, plus several tracks as a single, he shows his musical influences, the interest in synthetic sounds, blunt beats and layers and different sound textures. The mixing and mastering was done in Studio Mobile Mistral by musician and producer Ivan Hanon ("Incendios que yo te conté") as in studio Soiart ("Autodynamic").

In the summer of 2019 he made his debut with a Live Set at the Festa Major de Gràcia. The session is a crescendo where, from the very beginning, it captures the attention of the audience with its multiple effects and percussions so that, in a progressive way, the bpm's set the rhythm until it channels a phase dominated by dance and hardness..